A sugary fruit with Lord’s name- Ramphal

While travelling in Maharashtra, I was amazed to see a fruit called ‘Ramphal’ while we were in the verge  of exploring Daulatabad fort, Aurangabad. Since I never heard of it. I was bit curious to know more about it. So I flooded that vendor with many questions related to this fruit.
Me: “what is this fruit?”
Vendor:“Sir  ji this is Ramphal. Don’t you know?”
Me: “What is the main season for ramphal ?”
Vendor: “during March – May”
Me: “How does it taste?”
Vendor: “It is sweet just like Sitaphal (Custard Apple). You should taste it and know it by yourselves.”
Me: “How to differentiate between ripe and unripe fruit?”
Vendor: “If the fruit is pale green or hard to touch and have shiny green skin then it is in unripe state. The  ripe fruits are heavy and soft to touch. The ripe fruits are very sweet.”Ramaphal Annona  reticulata (2)
Since we’ve a lot to travel, I thought of ending the conversation. So I asked him to select few good fruits for me. I bought some and went to my dad and showed him as if I discovered something 😉 then he told me that they used to eat this in their childhood. Perhaps these are  found only in rural areas where they grow. May be they are seldom found in cities?

My Tastebuds exploded with Sweetness:

I have guessed that the taste of this fruit will be similar to sitaphal. And my guess was right. But this is more sweeter than sitaphal. It was very sweet indeed. But the second one was mildly sweet. Maybe the taste of the fruit depends on the fruit and its tree.When compared with Sitaphal, its texture was creamy yet slightly granular, especially nearest to the skin.It is smoother, butterier and the best part is that ramphals have fewer seeds.Ramaphal Annona  reticulata (3)
With a pinch of excitement to know more about this fruit ,I have spent some time in browsing other forums to share the most about this lovely fruit with my friends and followers..

Origin of Ramphal: 

Ramphal or Annona reticulata also known as bullock’s heart is originated from West Indies, Central and South America. However, It is naturalized in Southeast Asia, India, Taiwan, West Africa and Australia.

Health Benefits :

Health benefits of Ramphals is quite fascinating. They are high in vitamin C, a nutrient that boosts the immune system, keeps skin healthy and assists with repairing wounds and cuts.
It has potassium, which helps the body regulate its electrolyte balance, enhance muscle growth, and improves the body’s ability to process waste.

The leaves act as an insecticide, styptic, anti-helminthic, Anti ulcer  and, when applied externally, as a suppurant (or, aids in the elimination of pus). The ripe and unripe fruits combat dysentery; the bark is a potent astringent and vermifuge. In Ayurveda and Unani, leaves are used as an aphrodisiac and emmenagogue(stimulates menstruation).

Ramaphal Annona  reticulata (1)
Interesting Facts about this fruit:

All the species of Annona fruit are named after Hindu Gods like Ramphal (Annona Reticularis), Sitaphal (annona Squamosa)and Lakshmanphal (Annona muricata). It is quite endearing that in Hindu mythology Ram is married to Sita and Lakshmana is Ram’s brother. Interesting isn’t it?


63 thoughts on “A sugary fruit with Lord’s name- Ramphal

  1. Too Interesting Rohit…. was just aware of SITAphal as a fruit …. but feels good to know its named after SITA and RAM… Great discovery showcased in an amazing way… loved your post… :)))

      • Hi Dr Rohit
        Everything in India is real not a myth. Lord Ram Sitaji Lakshmanji Hanumanji existed 22 million years ago
        The bridge between India and Shri Lanka was carbon dated to 18 million years. Hope you have seen satellite images of this bridge

        Why was Shri Lanka was named “Shri Lanka”?
        It was ruled by Ravan. Lord Ram incarnated to destroy evil Ravan

      • Sorry Dr Rohit. Please accept my apology. Not 22 million years but 2.165 million years
        exact calculation is as under
        Kali Yug=4,32000 years long
        Treta Yug=4,32000 X 3 = 12,96000
        Dwapar Yug=4,32000 X 2=8,64000 years

        Kaliyug presently 5000 years old
        Adding together
        5000 +12,96000 + 8,64000=2.165 million years

        Lord Ram was born at the end of Sat Yug and beginning of Treta hug

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  3. These used to grow in our garden in Goa…n my grandpa would always take pride in showing then off!!! Well n then there’s the sitaphal too!

  4. I have never heard of this fruit but it sounds wonderful! I wonder if someone might import some to Canada? Probably not, so I guess I’ll have to take a trip to one of the countries you have listed where it is grown.

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    • Sorry for the delayed reply. I almost forget to reply you.. hehe
      Thank you so much dear! I post more on my culture and Asian culture perhaps you should visit here more often.. 🙂 have a nice day dear!

  6. Good morning dr. reddy …I found this information so fascinating and mentioned this fruit in one of my narratives recently … your site inspires for sure and I remain grateful to be one of your site followers …blessings xxx meg

  7. We have a large tree in our backyard. Since last month we have plucked hundreds of fruits. It’s a wonderful fruit in looks as well in taste. If plucked semi ripe and stored for one day in gunny bag , it gives wonderful sweet taste.

  8. Hello,I think this fruit is available in limited cities.I have searched in delhi but not able to find can you plz tell me the area in mumbai from where i bought or any online way to buy.

  9. Ramfal – Annona is interesting but it needs more scientific conclusion of it chemical contents and pathophysiology study.
    I will try to analyse it for the betterment of human life.
    Dr.Mukesh H.Shukla

  10. Dr. Rohit , Amazing blog and so helpful for people generaly. God given gift to humans, and its you enlighting the fact thru your blog. hats off to u Dr.

  11. Very nicely unexplained actually I live in Maharashtra we eat but scarcity here also i searching benifit of its leaves as I have skin problems I want to know more if u know give more details…thank u

  12. Very nicely explained actually I live in Maharashtra we eat but scarcity here also i searching benifit of its leaves as I have skin problems I want to know more about it if know give more details…thank u

  13. The name Raam phal रामफल must have been abotus from the name Raan( Jungli/ forest) phal राण फल। Since the Raanphal formerly was found in forest only now it has been cultivated for it taste. By repeated prouncong Raanphal Raan phal which appear as Ram phal. Since Ram word is easy related to religion so Raan phal used to call Ram phal.
    Similarly Sita phal must be SHEET PHAL..शीत फल as it is cropped during winter and as per AyurvedaSHEET MEAN COOL THANDA ठंडा is sheet thanda by nature in property. SHEET PHAL in repeated pronunciation and easy to remember and again related to.religionchamged so widely calledasRaphal

  14. Hi to all, is there any chance that someone who has or owns these trees can sell one or maybe two to me_ I’m seeking a young plant preferably or even a mature plant . I seek the Ramphal tree in particular . I’m in South Africa. Is it possible .. . Alternatively if a South African has to visit India, can he/she return back home with such a plant.. What are the criteria involved with the authorities ? Does anyone know .. do tell.
    Much appreciated.
    Thank you

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