Ordos desert

 The Ordos Desert is almost completely encircled by the Great yellow river in the west, north, and east. Mountain ranges separate the Ordos from the Gobi desert.

We hired a travel agent at a youth hostel in Hohhot Which included Xilamuren grasslands and ordos desert(also called as Kubuqi 库布其).

soon after we finished seeing xilamuren we started to kubuqi. After seeing Xilamuren as overly commercialized.i expected the same with ordos too.

It was my 1st time to see a desert so I was excited. We were even crossing the famous Yellow River, just kilometers before arriving at the desert’s flanks. only farmlands and trees and then all of sudden a mountain of sand rising above the crop fields which was amazing.The abruptness of this is quite astounding, just as if one of the Gods had an extra bucket of sand left when he created our planet, and decided to carelessly empty it right there amongst the green fields.

The most famous Resonant Sand Gorge or Xiang Sha Wan (响沙湾) which is a canyon, with colorful rock formations at the one side and a steep and enormous sand dune of about 110 meters at the other. The sea of pristine sand hills in the distance -at the other side of the canyon- stretches as far as the eye can see.

I expected a magnificent view of the desert scenery, once over the top of that sand wall, but in fact (and I could’ve guessed that!) there was nothing short of desert theme park. There are jeeps, karts, sand ski’s, sand sleds, ball games and so on. So much for a serene nature’s wonderland….

Exploring the desert:

The two most interesting things to do are the jeep trail, which takes you on a wild ride over some of the steep sandbanks and secondly, the camelback tour to an ancient desert village. Both costed around Y80 . Although I always feel that a whole range of tourist facilities like this are rather unfavorable to the natural experience,but some of them are quite useful.

It was not a sunny day (oct month is starting month of winter).sun was friendly with us, As it is a desert I felt like its better to keep hydrating myself by drinking water and energy drinks.  Bless those drink vendors!

The Resonant Sand Gorge carries this odd name, because it is said that the echo of the sand that moves in wind creates a Shhhh-sound that reverberates through the gorge. And because of the structure of the rocky left side of the gorge and the changes in the wind, that sound can become very melodious with tones similar to that of a pan flute. Just as all the other visitors there, I was very keen on hearing the song of the sand (as the signs poetically call it) and we all listened very carefully at various places in and around the gorge.

It was getting late and after having spent quite some time in the gorge and at the dunes. I paid 15RMB and raced down the dune on a sand slide.Real good fun and much more exciting then a typical rollercoaster! .


Dancing in the desert