China’s first Robot staffed restaurant

The Dalu Robot Restaurant, in Jinan, northern China’s Shandong Province, has a very special wait staff indeed. All of the waitresses (six in total) are robots that follow a fixed route that can serve up to 100 diners.

The robotic staff includes two robot receptionists, or hosts, and six robot waiters. With tables arranged in a circular arrangement, robots are bringing your dishes to the table by using a track to move around the restaurant.Each robot has a motion sensor that tells it to stop when someone is in its path so customers can reach for dishes they want.

As customers enter the dimly lit restaurant lined with blinking neon lights to simulate a futuristic environment, a female robot decorated with batting eyelashes greets people with an electronic ‘welcome’. 

According to the state-run China Daily. Last year, there were 21 robots for every 10,000 workers in China, compared with a global average of 55. Japan has 339 robots for every 10,000 workers; Germany has 251.

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Changbaishan 长白山

I am planning to go to Changbaishan from past 3yrs but never succeeded. Generally in Winters(Nov-April) heavy Snows makes the reserve  virtually inaccessible.It was like now or never situation for me because this is my last year in China. After the day after my FMGE results(oct 23) we packed our bags with excitement and went to Yanji.(it is a travelling hub for Changbaishan)

About Changbaishan

China’s largest Nature Reserve which literally mean Ever-White Mountains.210,000 hectares  of dense forest on the Eastern edge of Jilin Province straddling between China and North Korea is also a popular destination for the South Koreans the area is known as Mt.Paekdu.North koreans claim that Late President Kim jong il was born here.

 Heavenly Lake 天池

A deep blue Volcanic crater lake at an elevation of 2104m is the highlight of Changbaishan. The lake,12kms in circumference is surrounded by jagged rick out crops and 15mountainous peaks the highest is White Rock Peak(baiyan feng) 2794m. tour guides and the locals told us that there is a Loch-Ness-style monster in the lake they told us to focus your cameras on the lake if you are lucky enough u might catch the monster in your camera

From Daozhankou,4wd(80yuan) takes 5passengers upto heaven lake.To hike to heaven lake about onehour each way. The path starts at the waterfall its not a difficult walk


Erdao bai he(erdao bai river) runs off Heaven lake creating this continous 68m Waterfall,that is the source of the Yalu, Songhua and Tumen Rivers.


On the path to the Waterfall Vendors boiled Eggs in the Hotsprings(3eggs/10yuan). The yolk was fully boiled and the white was half boiled it was yummy though..& there’s a bath house, where you can soak in odoriferous waters.

China and North Korea Border :

The China and North Korea border cuts across heaven lake unfortunatley the border is not clearly marked. Approx 1/3rd of the lake the Southeastern corner is on the NorthKorean side and off limits.


Aershan national forest

We’ve never heard of Aershan before

Infact we have never heard of aershan before.since this trip of ours is not a preplanned at all. we were in Wulanhot(乌兰浩特) and we planned to go to Hailaer or hohhot. We went to bus station to know whether there are tickets to anyother place or not. My friends went to inside to know about it. I just started a converstion with the taxi driver, he said that aershan is a great place for tourism. My friends returned back and said that there were no tickets. So we spontaneously took a  decision  to go there & moreover we have no other option left. It was the best decission in my life which I’ve made. I still remember the situation and the taxi driver till now. We are thankful to him

When I got off there were no taxi drivers or rickshaws to greet me, indeed, the entire town is walkable in about 20 minutes. And we prepared to look for some budget hotel to stay – not difficult as there is only one road. that the streets are quiet:

Behind the main street are a row of the more familiar mini high-rise apartments and a German styled railwaystation I’m told Aershan comes alive in the winter as a skiing and hot spring resort..

It was a Tiny town

I was able to observe the entire town like a square with the smooth green curves of the hills beyond. A forest of pines began at the top of the hill and marched upwards as far as I could see. The hotel owner suggested us to  rent a car for the day, and recommended a taxi for 350RMB for the day. This seemed a little expensive to us and we managed to get them to agree to 220RMB for the whole day. He would arrive at 6.30am the next morning.

On our way to National park

The cab driver was telling us the way of life and culture of aershan.We enjoyed the ride by singing some songs. And he was so friendly, he even stopped the car whereever we wanted to..the entrance ticket to national park was 180/person. Student card was 90 rmb

Heavenly Lake (天池)

It seems that a crater lake or sky pond (formed by a volcanic eruption) translates into Chinese as Heavenly Lake. At 1322m above sea level this is the third highest Heavenly Lake in China. It is a short and steep climb up a considerable number of steps that are flanked with pine trees.

The lake is not especially high or large, but has its own characterful beauty. The water was mirror still and dragonflies danced and fought in a snapping of wings. Having descended, I walked amongst the market stalls that had sprung up. They were selling a diverse selection of dried materials including mushrooms, flower teas, fish and ants

@天池 heavenly lake


 It was a long drive to the Shitang forest, during which the scenery of the park changed considerably. The grass and woodlands became scarce and the ground gave itself over to nothing but volcanic rocks that looked sharp and crunchy. Mossy plants grew in lush clumps at the edge of the road and wild raspberries pitted themselves against the blackened stones.

The area is 10,000 years old, which adds a certain gravity to the sparcity of the scenery. The odd pine tree gleamed like a neon strip against the blackness of the rocks and the water that had formed in the pools was so clear it was almost invisible. The rocks really do conjure up shapes not unlike twisted corpses, hence the Chinese name of the area.

 Azalea Lake (杜鹃湖)

 A further 20 minutes into the park and we reached the final destination of the day. A lake so large that the breeze was able to kick up waves that gently rock the water lilies like babies in a deep blue blanket. To reach the lake it was necessary to walk through a forest of pines that were half-dead and half-alive: a mixture of sticks and trees. A small blue boat puffed out smoke and chugged in the distance, its red roof made it seem almost as if it were a house floating out there. Behind the lake the hills were crammed with innumerable trees that stacked up and over until they met the sky.


A pic  with a Reindeer

 By the time we reached Aershan town,it was late evening.