Street Photography: Neighborhood Kids During Their Play Time

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. These 2 little girls picked up these mosquito rackets from the trash and are using them as badminton rackets..

Siblings love:

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Happy Doctors: Face of reality through our perspective

Today is National Doctor’s day and I am proud to be a Doctor & I take pride in treating people. I consider my life as a special mission to save lives and to do something good for the society. It is celebrated on July 1 all across India to honour the legendary physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, as he was born on July 1, 1882 and died on the same date in 1962, aged 80 years.

However, in this year, the day holds a special significance considering the fact how our fraternity is working day and night during the COVID19 pandemic. Fighting the risk of infection by wearing PPE kits and serving the patients is what we are doing from the past few months. We are also taking risk of getting infected and infecting our families by this virus.

Theme of 2020:

The Doctor’s Day theme this year’s stands, “Lessen the mortality of COVID19”. It includes awareness about asymptomatic hypoxia and early aggressive therapy.



To all those people who thinks that doctors are earning well:

Why do some doctors charge so much ?
Why are some hospitals so expensive ?
Yeah Aamir Khan Rajinikanth should charge the same price as Dino Morea and Uday Chopra
And movie ticket should cost the same in PVR multiplex with a recliner in Mumbai and gallery seat in single screen in jumritalayya
Does it sound crass ?
But it is fact of life
It takes money to Built hospitals will state of art technology and facilities
Good Doctors are a rare species like movie stars
It takes 40-50 years to make a good doctor
And when you buy shares of a hospital you expect returns on it
Govt spends 1.2 percent of budget on healthcare
It is reducing it every year
World average is 5.3 percent
It has washed off its hands from primary health and tertiary Health
74 percent of Indian health care is private money
Most of the tertiary health is done by private players
There is no system like NHS in India
There is no universal health coverage
When u let off the field for private healthcare then don’t except Charity from it
But having said that even the most expensive hospital in India is 10 times cheaper than USA or West
But Iphone or a Mercedes is more pricier in India than in West
Indian healthcare is cheap as our human resources are cheap
You can’t employ a doctor by paying ₹40000 (600 dollars) in US
That is the minimum wages for a doctor in India
You can’t hire a nurse for ₹15000 in U.K.
Our equipment comes from west
All our CT scans MRI Scans are imported
We pay same price as west in dollars and top of that we pay import duty
Then how we charge 1800 dollars for open heart surgery when it cost 100000 dollars in US
Cos our Doctors and nurses are paid less compared to west
Even the top most doctor in India gets less than an average doctor in NHS
We are happy when Google pays 1 crore to a fresh out of college IIM guy
But if a doctor buys a Mercedes after 20 years of hard work when his hair is greyed
We feel so upset about it and say look he is earning so much
It is Govt job to give healthcare to us
It is not job of private players or individuals
If Indian govt increases healthcare spend by 1 percent for next five years – we can provide 10 million jobs

Source: Vishnu vardhan (FB),

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