My Photography

I’m not a professional-photographer, I love capturing the beauty of  Temples, Historical monuments, Nature, Birds &Animals. There is a good saying, “When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that’s when passion is born…” I have also had the similar experience with the photography. In November 2011, when I have bought first DSLR Canon 1000d I never knew that  photography would be my integral part of my life, for the first few days I was learning basics of the photography just for the sake of handling my camera. It was a new beginning to the year 2012, which happens to be my Dad’s birthday as well, we as a family made sure we meet every year end and celebrate the occasion together and welcome the new year with a bash. That day we went to  Shamshabad Lord Kodandarama temple. There I used all the tips and tricks which I learnt from the tutorials and it resulted in few terrific pictures. People who glimpsed my photos loved it and their appreciations has enlighten the passion towards the photography…

My Equipments:

Currently I am using Canon 600d and Nikon 5300.

My gadgets- ROR

On other Social media: You can also find my photography on other social medias like Instagram,Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr & Google+. I use Instagram very frequently(almost everyday). So to catch me up with my regular posts follow me on Instagram. Remaining all I seldom use :p . Below you can find my usernames of different social medias, where you wanted to get in touch with me..


8 thoughts on “My Photography

    • Yeah! you are absolutely right. I’m in search of a better than a basic model. Since I was using only basic camera bodies till now. Wanted to upgrade it to somewhat better one.. Then will fix to one camera body. And thank you for your valuable advice. Have a nice day Vicki..:)

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