Missing you….Changchun

     Changchun..One and half month !!!

             China… One month!!

You don’t know how much I really miss this place until I go there again..Best days of my life and the main years of my life were spent in changchun. I went to changchun at tender 18’s as a confused boy  and returned as a confident man.! This place turned me into a better person and a better human being. I have learnt many things here…I am not getting perfect words to express my feelings. All I can say is that I love you changchun..What I’m now is because of you!!

There’s too much left undone. Too many dreams and ambitions in my heart for Changchun city and for the people.Its hard for me to make a list of what I miss…Because I miss everything…

  • I miss the language, i miss that feeling of doing something that not many people get to do..
  • I miss all my Chinese friends and their families…(for making me a Chinese boy by teaching me their culture & language)
  • I miss all those nightouts &all those lazy days..
  • Miss those gym friends and gym workouts..
  • Miss that -20 to -30 temp ..and miss wearing those heavy jackets
  • Miss those street foods on guilin lu
  • Miss those long walks,saunabaths,snookers,bowling,funny chats and Xbox gaming whole night
  • Miss those window shoppings&drinking parties
  • Miss all those streets near by teaching building, Jilin university Cafeteria.. 😉
  • I miss the opportunities, i miss the energy of the Changchun city, and so much more!
  • I think this post will eat lot of memories, if  I list everything here.. 😀
  • It’s an ongoing struggle to think i used to live in China. Still some where in my mind I feel like I’m not done with China and China’s not done with me.”

All the memories I have about changchun are unforgettable..This is the place where I learnt many things.These 5 years of my life were the most memorable. I know what I have learnt. I can sense the changes in me. I met some really great people  who contributed to my life in one or the other way  I was encouraged, appreciated, criticized and discouraged time to time. But it always added towards my learning and helped me to learn and become a better Doctor in every step

I thought that..I should go back home without any regrets..but now i have few regrets..that I didnt meet my close friends

Mike,Yingying,Dana,zhang,yuanfei,Liaodengping,wangmeiling,huiwei etc..sorry guys couldnt meet you..one more regret is about Laotou Baozi 😛

Few night pictures near our campus area….

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Last day of my Undergraduate life

Yayyy!! I will be a Graduate tomorrow by this time & the best part is tomorrow is Ugadi(Telugu Newyear).”Nuthanasamvatsaram naadu nenu pattadaarudu ni avtunnanu.”

Today is the last day of my Undergraduate life. Tomorrow my Ug life will be officially over and I will be a Doctor. I don’t know whether to smile or to feel sad. But I choose to be happy.It was a great experience for me to be in China for 5&1/2 years.Change is a part of Life. I learnt many things. Now when I look back I feel the changes how time changes and how life keeps on moving without a pause. People come& go,We laugh we cry,Some are really good moments and some are not really are but still life goes on & It is so beautiful in its own way.

Anyways I am holding all my words till tomorrow,It will be a big day.Waiting for tomorrow.Very much excited!!!

Northeastern Teppanyaki Restaurant

Teena’s birthday party at jixin green Teppayanki (Teppan=iron plate,yanki=fried pan) Restaurant(吉鑫绿色铁板烧) a typical Northeastern restaurant specialised in Japanese,Western,Taiwan cuisines. .
Changchun’s one of the rarest Teppayanki Restaurant and one of the modern Teppanyaki grills I have seen.
Among the dishes We’ve ordered, the best were Black Pepper Sirloin steak,Mexican Chicken wings,Bacon grills,garlic steamed Scallops. Ostrich meat was quite different, seems like no one enjoyed Ostrich meat except for me.
We enjoyed watching the skilled maneuvers of the chef’s while cooking the cuisine

dazzling show by the chef

Dazzling show by the Chef

Stuffed Mexican Chicken wings

stuffed Mexican chicken wings

 good friends

Dr A P J Abdul Kalam to teach at Peking University

China has invited India’s “missile man” and former President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam to teach at Peking University (PKU), one of the country’s top universities, offering him a lab of his choice to work with the students, according to ‘The hindu’.
On his first-ever visit to China at the invitation of Beijing Forum, a Chinese government- backed intellectual body, Kalam appeared happy to receive the offer to teach but said it all depends on his schedule.
Asked whether he would be visiting Beijing often to teach, 82-year-old Kalam said, “I am a teacher. I teach in US and as a Professor wherever the knowledge takes me I go and share it.
Particularly, I like meeting young people and I would like to contribute to their knowledge.” The invitation to teach at the PKU was extended to Kalam by Zhu Shanlu, Chairman of the university’s council.

He was invited to teach once a year, the subject of his choice and stay as long as he want: it could be science, technology or humanities, Kalam’s secretary H Sheridon said, adding that the offer included setting up Laboratory of Kalam’s choice.
Kalam began his career as an Aerospace engineer and later became India’s top guided missile scientist heading India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).
He says he is interested in teaching sustainable development and praised Peking University’s recent move to open ethics department as a “beautiful idea”.
“The two countries mean 37 per cent of the humanity. It has got a tremendous potential if the two countries put together their joint vision.” Kalam said in this aspect, both India and China should cooperate and jointly work for the prosperity of their people.

Cleared FMGE My 1st step towards my goal

For the 1st time NATBOARD ppl made FMG’s to wait for a longtime, it took more than 20days for them to update the result on their website that’s because of the DNB counselling. There is a hindi saying “sabre ka phal meetha hota hai” and now I believe it is true.

The results were anounced on 20th october midnight. We checked it the other day. and the result was no surprise for me. Because I was pretty sure that I will pass through but still it was awesome to know that I cleared it..I started preparing seriously from the end of may , 5months of my hardwork  paid me in the form of success.

This is how I prepared..
Synopsis from AFMG notes for surgery,medicine,optho and DIAMS pediatrics & ENT notes, vivek jain for PSM, PROAFS for psychiatry, Radiology, Orthopedics, Anesthesia, Forensic, Skin(dermatology), Quick Review for OBS&Gyn, Khaleel sir notes for Pharmacology,Microbiology and Pathology.

Solving MCQ’s is the most important part in my preparation

1.AIPG (Muddit khannan) 2004 to 1999, 2.surgery AAA book(approx 3000bits), 3.across for  opthomalogy,4.PROAFS (for pyschiatry,Radiology,Orthopedics,anesthesia,forensic and dermatology,) 5.dnb book by vikas dhikav and 6.kv kamal (previous questionpapers till 2007) and inaddition to that I solved FMGE question papers from 2002 march 7.vivek jain for PSM, 8. diaams papers,

I am planning to continue my efforts till I reach my goal(PG). I thank everyone who took part in my success. My special thanks to my mom,dad & anna. And I am very thankful to my homies and Ramprasad.

struggling between inflation and recession

In 2007, exchange rate for 10000rs was 1900rmb aprox
Following a gradual decrease every year. now it is 1300rmb
WTF is wrong with our economy?
recession recession recession…
yeah we were right before 2009 elections
we thought that our former economist Dr.manmohan singh will bring a change in our economy with his
good and well renowned reforms and thats true he made us unsustainable amd unbearable..i know people
may think that one person cannot change anything…but it is not true..one man who is responsible for country’s
well being should bring a change…he is the system so he should bringa change he is the system so he has to make our
economy better

according to me there is no diffeernce between manmohan singh and macdonalds..both sits and watches the things going
and he is just the puppet in the hands of videshi sonia
see how terrible we are we just put the fate of our country in the hands of a foreigner..
even a drug addict is better than manmohan ji..atleast this drug addict can put an end to his addiction by joining rehabilition classes
but there is no cure for our pm ji’s addiction…
we are just watching our country looted by some politicians we did this so we have to face it…picture o mein dekh dekh ke takkgaya
change the system change the system bolke…pehle apan change hona uske baadh…
woh system jo bhi hai wo automatic badal jaayega
hope everything goes well in the next elections…hope we selct the right person…

ab china ke baare mein bolna bole toh…now the inflation rate is around 6.7 and is increasing day by day
and yuan value is increasing which is problematic for exchange students like us here…
woh bhi fees barne ke time mein yuan ka value ekdum badjaatha hai..baaki ke time theek rehta hai..see how funny it is..
ye saal mein august 1st week mein 1rmb=6.9rs taah..fee barne ke time mein i mean august 2nd week mein 7.103 hogaya..
its all our badluck
students in china are just struggling between inflation in china and recession in india…god dammit….!

I dont know what else we have see in our remaining time of our course…

My first dinner with a chinese family

If  I am not wrong my 3rd sem exams ended on jan 15th 2009. As you know, I don’t like to spend much time in a single place,so I thought of going some where out of Changchun..

When I was in +2,i saw about the ice festival host it..So I did a small research and got to know about few places in Northeast China where they host  Ice Festival.

My research resulted in  4 places, out of those four cities I picked Harbin because it was  near and I have a local friend by name 管理(Guanli) who lives there.

I arrived Harbin, My friend and her Mom came to the Railway station to pick me up. From there  we went to her house and had lunch..but her family members insisted me to live with them in their house but I made my mind to take a hotel.

So I took a hotel near their house which I used only for sleeping. I had every meal with them Except on 29th (I will follow up about this day on the other post),

Time I spent with them was very  special for me. Since it was my first time to be with a Chinese family.

I was trying to know their culture and traditions & and trying to distinguish their culture from our culture. They treated me as their special guest.

Their family was a joint family &  there were 7 people in their house. It was also my 1st time to see such a big joint family.

Guan li’s Dad,Mom, Aunt and Uncle, her Granny and Grandma. I liked each and every person in their family because of their kindness,affection and generosity. Her nainai(granny on dads side) and waipo(granny on moms side ) were so lovable they were telling us abt their childhood..though I understood a little I still remembered it. It was just awesome I have no other words to express my feelings. Gaash!! I wish I was there now..I miss them. They throwed a big dinner party on 30th  & invited some of their relatives and friends Their house was filled with many people it was very crowdy .

I stood up as a center of attraction in their party and I enjoyed being that.:-)

Every one toasts me and starts drinking(baijiu), Baijiu was so hard that I could not stand up  So I only had a glass of cool drink. They cooked a wide variety of dishes, generally they make pork dumplings and beef dishes. But because of me they made Chicken dumplings and Mutton cuisines (since I dont eat Beef and Pork). I was really very happy for making those dishes only for me. everything i ate was delicious Morethan the food their love and affection towards me was unforgettable.

I mingled with them as if I was their family member and enjoyed the dinner with them.unfortunately I didnt took any pictures on that day. 😦  The conversations which we had were really very helpful  & played a big role in improving my Chinese skills. Its been 2year and 6 months but I still feel like it happened yesterday.

It was one of the best evening in My life. This dinner played an important role in my life it gave me an inspiration and purpose for learning Chinese language and their culture. My life in China has become more meaningful only after this dinner and trip. I can never forget them, they are also like my family members.

To show my love, respect and gratitude, Every year I used to send them some souvenirs from India like Tajmahal Charminar replicas, Foods etc ., I miss them forever!! And thanks for giving me some unforgettable moments in my life.  After the dinner i took a train back to changchun at 11.30.