Wedding Diaries of My Brother: Sangeet Trailer

Everyone thinks about serious rituals and customs when it comes to an Indian Wedding. Yes, of course it is filled with so many rituals, customs and traditions. In addition to that there are also several fun filled activities involved. Though people in India regard marriage more as a religious affair, the elements of fun and frolic are also added into it, to make this emotional affair, somewhat light and amusing. Sangeet is designed in such a way that all the guests attending the event will be entertained. All the pre wedding ceremonies, haldi, sangeet and mehendi are filled with entertainment. Sangeet is all about dance and music. It is one of the most enjoyable ceremonies before the wedding. Sangeet ceremony is held few days before mehendi ceremony and comes as a time for joy and fun amidst the hectic hustling bustling activities before marriage.

My elder brother’s wedding celebrations started on 26th March and it was a 5 day event. Well!! How did we celebrate Sangeet? There were about 22 Performances with 81 Performers which includes Mythological(Mahabharata) Skits. 60+ Gents and under 16 girls competition, Dubsmashes, Ghazals, shaheri, Video Wishes, Speeches and the electrifying DJ…

Sangeet selfie

A selfie with all the performers ..

You can feel the fun & joy of the event in this trailer.. Please do watch it..!


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