Happy Mayday: Micro calligrapher

With all the surviving odds against him Mr. Khan teaches us that one needs to have is “Spirit of Living”
Money doesn’t matter as such as ‘self respect’ matters. He is never depressed after being a physically challenged. He is working as a micro calligrapher from the past 15 years. He can barely use his hands but he can jump any hurdle of life, I had the honor of meeting him near Ellora, Maharashtra and bought one of his awesome keychains..

Nowadays I see most of the young people with being physically fit are begging for money. Don’t encourage those lazy brats who don’t have self respect. Please support by buying stuff from hardworking and self respecting people who are not begging and are trying to sell little things on the streets, bus stops, traffic signals and markets everyday. Just so that they can feed their family.. Happy Mayday!!

Comment if you agree with me?Microcalligrapher


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