Bhutan Diaries: People


Selfie maniacs..


The best part of travelling is meeting new people and making new friends. We may never cross paths with these people again, but they may just change your life forever.

Bhutan Diaries (8)

This cute little girl is holding my Finger. I still wonder how could such a tiny hand created so many emotions within me.. The feelings are just overwhelming, Her cuteness has added joy in me..

Bhutan Faces 8 (1)

Students attending their Freshers party in Art school

Bhutan Faces 8 (3)

I know this pic isn’t that good but I loved watching this Little kid drumming on the dustbin..


Made some amazing Chinese friends. We really had fun while exploring Dordenma Budha statue..


This little guy was the most energetic and active boy..we came across through in Thimphu.


Piligrims while circumambulating in National memorial chorten.


Shot this from the taxi while returning from Buddha statue..


Little girls praying at Thimphu memorial, Thimphu


Piligrims at National Memorial Chorten


Cute little kid was coming towards us while his elder brother is pulling him towards him..


These guys explained about their art the customs of their school..

Bhutan Diaries (1)

Little angels with a backdrop of Mighty himalayas..captured them enroute Phuentsholling-Thimphu.


18 thoughts on “Bhutan Diaries: People

  1. Nice set of images, Dr. Reddy. I volunteer teaching English to immigrants and have met many people from Bhutan but know little about their country. It was fun and interestingto view these images. My favorite though is the boy in the sunglasses flashing the peace sign.

    • Thank you so much my dear friend! Ofcourse I captured them. I posted some of them here.. And lot more to post which includes chimillakhen, punakha dzong, tigernest monastery, kiyuchu llakhen etc., I did a video on the whole trip.. You can also find here.. Travel diaries of rorboyz.. Hope you’ll make some time to check it out..:)

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