Chronicles of Vader & Yellowie: A Cute Love story

Majestic Blue Car(Chevy 1957) named as ‘Vader’ is very proud of his appearance. He always thinks that other Cars look untidy & shabby.

That's Mr. Vader

That’s Mr. Vader

One day a new car came to the neighbourhood. She was a small Yellow car called ‘Yellowie’ it looked so pretty that even the beautiful Sunflower look faded before her. All the cars were very happy to get a new neighbour. “Hi,” honked one. “Welcome,” honked another.

My cute 'Yellowie'

That’s Ms. ‘Yellowie’

Ms.Yellowie is so pretty that even a sunflower looks faded before her..

Ms.Yellowie is looks best when she wears a smile on her face.. 😛

But Vader did not say anything. “Ah! Another shabby little thing has come,” he felt he was falling in love with her. Yellowie was very sweet and she became friendly with everyone. Vader felt jealous but he was too proud to talk to her. Miniature cars_Yellowie & Vader (6)But one day he was very angry and honked, “You talk too much. I really hate cars who talk endlessly.” “I love talking to my friends. How will egoistic cars like you understand friendship?” snapped Yellowie.Miniature cars_Yellowie & Vader (7)Vader was shocked. Never ever in his life anyone had talked to him like that. For the first time he felt lonely. He started to change himself, he tried to drop his ego and proudness.
One day, while Vader was going for a morning ride, This cute Yellowie overtook and past him. While passing him she quickly planted a kiss on his cheek and sped off…Miniature cars_Yellowie & Vader (8)

Lot more stories to come on these cute Cars..Stay tuned!! Have a Happy Week Friends.,

To be continued…


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