Guest post: A Parrot’s Empathy

A creative mind or soul would definitely bring lively emotions and bring different perspectives of what we see… This is what exactly happened.. One my friend my very good friend Dr. Shweta Chatterjee wrote this poem based on the picture which I took in Hong kong . I have never seen the beauty of this picture until I read the below lines from her.. I hope you’ll like it too..

Oh, Nature’s An Another Beautiful Creature,
Other than Me,
You have travelled miles away from home,
Just to click my picture,
with such great enthusiasm and ecstacy?
And so I finally decided,
To stand on my feet wisely,
showing all my courtesy,
And offering you not an inch more trouble,
For you have been loaded your back with priorities enough,
In the name of “Falsehood of Reality” and “Power of Almighty”!
Here  I assure, you find, Peace but no woe ever,
If you see through my rounded small eyes,
That has seen every sunset at this empty sea shore,
Created only for “The Virtuous and Wise!”
My wings are folded,
Just to pose,
Like a “King of my Territory”, “The Air”
Where I do not fear,
when I roam in search of food, water and Freedom Forever!
Oh Dear! Let me take you to the other end of this view for once,
Where I found happiness yesterday,
Wrapped in a bottle within a piece of paper,
Somebody wishing for something awkward might be,
But my reading skill is not that good you know, practically!
And that little boat over there,
Rowing rowing rowing all day all night long,
Not knowing exactly to stop and start again,
Since when and where shall come the end,
Which it doesn’t know ,
So just following its Day dreams is the only aim it hear,
When its inner ear calls n asks,
What are you willing to seek further,
You, The Ultimate Seeker,
from this World Full of Terror and Desire?

I can't stop appreciating her for her deep observation.. Captured at Stanley, Hong kong

I can’t stop appreciating her for her deep observation.. Captured at Stanley, Hong kong


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