Changchun’s First Frozen Restaurant

长春现冰餐厅 cháng chūn xiàn “ bīng cān tīng ”

Have you ever imagined yourself sitting in a freezer and having lunch????

Yes, in a freezer…

If it is so, then you could make it a reality by just visiting Changchun, Jilin Province, China.

ICe restaurant Changchun (4)

Entrance to the Restaurant..

This restaurant is now a coolest place to hangout to enjoy some spicy hot pot. Customers can have hotpot and drinks in the ice rooms and enjoy “extreme ‘chill’ax sleep” on ice beds.


Customers having Hotpot ..

Frozen bar

Customers having drinks in the ice bar..

This newly-opened ice restaurant and bar is decorated with colorful lights which add warmth and brightness to the icy rooms, reported China News Service. The dining establishment also features a small “guestroom” where visitors can hop on an ice bed and pose for photos. Covering an area of 80 square meters, the ice restaurant was built by 20 workers in half a month.

Frozen bar

Frozen bar

Ice restaurant Changchun (5)

A girl posing on an ice bed for photos..

Well, I would have had my taste buds taste a real ‘cool’ thing if they would have built it couple of years ago… 😛



19 thoughts on “Changchun’s First Frozen Restaurant

    • Sure!! Quebec city hosts worlds largest Ice festival. There are many Icy wonders in Canada to visit. Canada is always on my list. But I’m afraid that It takes alot of time for me to visit that beautiful country. Take care!! 🙂

    • Hello Indah, longtime hope you are good! It looks crazy but enjoying a hotpot in a frozen restaurant is really a different experience. I actually had a coffee in a frozen restaurant in Harbin. It was just an off the box feeling for me.. 😉 hope you get a chance to try too.. 🙂

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