A ‘life’ ly snack – Crispy Sugar coated haws

Bing-tang hulu or Sugar-coated Haws is a popular traditional snack and also most authentic snack of Beijing. This candied fruit symbolizes happiness and reunion for most of the Chinese people. The traditional method of making candied haws is to string wild fruits on bamboo sticks and then dip them in malt syrup. The malt syrup turns hard as soon as it is exposed to the air, creating the crispy and sweet sugar-coated haws

Sugar coated haws-Bingtang hulu

Bing tang hulu.. looks yummy isn’t it?

The bright, lovely haws on the prod look like a string of small red lanterns, with a sweet and sour taste. The outer layer of sugar is crisp, but the haws are soft. When I was making a conversation with an old man he told me that previously there were only haws. Just a fews years back this candied fruit has took a turn with a touch of innovation starting sugar-coating strawberries, bananas, oranges, honey dates, cashews, bean pastes, chestnuts and chocolate. I like Sugarcoated haws and strawberries alot. I never even dared to taste other sugar coats because by the time I see these haws I get tempted to get it. So frankly speaking I never created an opportunity to taste them 😛

Health benefits: These sugar coated haws also helps in digestion, also rich in Vitamin C & E, carotene and other nutrients. These are also rich in dietary fibers. And is a good antioxidant rich food that can improves immunity. This lowers bad cholesterol and blood pressure also.


You can find a stall here displaying many Sugar-coated Haws stuck in a log, looking like a small tree. A stick of Sugar-coated Haws only costs RMB 2-3, and popular with locals and tourists alike.

A stall on the road displaying many Sugar-coated Haws. A stick of Sugar-coated Haws costs RMB 2-3, You can even get it at 1rmb also but with seed and low quality taste.

Ups & downs of life:

Once upon a time I went to Gongzhuling to celebrate Mid autumn festival with my friend Mike’s family. On the eve we all went to a public park to see celebrations. While we were in the park aunty bought bingtang hulu for all of us. While eating, Houlin’s dad told us that he always remembers his childhood days whenever he eats this fruit. That sour and sweet taste represents the ups and downs of life. Sweet is compared to the ups and sour is compared to the down of life.

Now, when I was writing about this fruit, it reminded me of my college life which left both memorable and learning experiences, indeed both have their own footprint on me. My true friends lifted me up and helped me through all the bad/learning time. I’m missing them a lot as we don’t get a chance to interact with them as often as we used to during our college days. I should specially thank those who doubted me and hated me because they eventually made me grow strong.

Imperative thing is that many people around me have their own set of opinions on me, few accepted me what I am, few took me as a competitor and few intimidate me. All these people helped in molding me into a stronger person with a positive attitude. No matter where I will go I am going to miss the whole beautiful journey filled with jubilation and a tad crestfallen. This snack has definitely added life to my college days.


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