Night at the Malioboro Street..

After visiting all the must see places in Yogyakarta we came back to our hotel which was quite near to Malioboro street. So at night we decided to go and check that street, which is very famous street for shopping and is also one of the main tourist attraction in Yogyakarta. Malioboro street was only 5mins away from our hotel, so we took a Becak(three wheel pedal powered bicycle cart) which costed 20,000RP/Becak.

Malioboro’s name is derived from Sanskrit which means bouquet of flowers.  This street is known as the longest market in Yogyakarta because it extends for a stretch of 2-3kms and is alive round the clock. This street is the centre of tourist district in Yogyakarta. There are some modern and colonial-age buildings around the area. Along the street is packed with small sidewalks shops, heritage street lights with bustling pedestrians to horse drawn bendis, batik stores to souvenir shops – The whole city culture can be seen right here.

But what  made our visit so special was the street music. Having never heard such beautiful music from these bamboo instruments which I never saw or heard, I completely fell for it. These musical instruments are called angklung/calung – and they produce such heavenly music – My God! I was in paradise!!These street players are simply exceptional with infusing their traditional music from these instruments with drums and beats. Listening to them on the busy road, in bustling traffic made me excited all the time it was just an experience. Be there and know it yourself!!

After buying some souvenirs and batiks we went in to malioboro Mall and had dinner in pizza hut. Then we took a Dokar (lovely horse carriage) which costed us 50,000RP from Marioboro to our hotel which was on Jalan-gow-ongan. Night at the Malioboro street made our trip to yogyakarta complete.

Malioboro street Yogyakarta (2)

While going back to our hotel on Dokar

My tips:

  1. Try to Bargain less than 50% of the price if they don’t give, Just walk away you can see similar stores on the street.
  2. Don’t forget to try Becak and Dokar.
  3. Try to go there at nights. Because Malioboro’s beauty is much appreciated at that time.

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