Plaosan temples- Shadows of silence

Plaosan temples ‘A Symbol of Love’ were built by Rakai Pikatan from Sanjaya dynasty (Hindu dynasty) for his Wife, Pramodhawardani, a decendent of Sailendra kingdom(Buddhist dynasty) in the 9th century. That’s the reason why I’m referring this place as a ‘Symbol of love’ like Tajmahal.

Looks pleasant isn't it?

Looks pleasant isn’t it? It is indeed…

I know that this is a Buddhist temple, but after seeing this temple  I was confused because it was more like a hindu temple and the style of the temple construction was in Hindu design too. After entering the temple I was surprised  to see  the stupas, sculptures and inscriptions which resembles Buddhist style. So this is why the architecture of this temple has a mix of Hindu and Buddhist styles.

There are still so many Ruins. It might take decades for them to  reconstruct them..

There are still so many Ruins. It might take decades for them to reconstruct them..

There are four dwarapala(guardians of the doors) statues seen standing. Just a few meters behind the statues, the Plaosan temple complex is seen which is made up of 174 small buildings, 116 are stupas and 58 are shrines.

Dwarapala-The guardian of doors

Dwarapala-The guardian of doors

Many of the buildings have inscriptions. On the outer walls of the main temples, carvings of divinities are found with the majority being male. Smaller and less occurring carvings by the windows represent females.

Female sculptures

Female sculptures

I really enjoyed exploring this temple. Unlike the Prambanan temple this was pleasant and quiet place with very less tourists. But Unfortunately I didn’t get much time to spend in this magnificent wonder.

Plaosan temple, Yogyakarta (8)

I had to hurry up in order to catch all the places in our list. But still my visit to this place was a pleasant one.This lies only 1000 metres away from the UNESCO world heritage listed Prambanan temple. I wonder why UNESCO didn’t list this beautiful Temple, Making this as a forgotten testament to the glory of the Matraman kingdom.

Looks like Hindu temples..

Plaosan temple-Shadows of silence

Different dimensions of this amazing temple:

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