The Marvel of Stone Architecture – Hazara Rama Temple

Hazara rama temple is a small but highly ornate temple located at the center of the royal area in Hampi. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the form of Lord Rama. We thought that the name might have taken from the ‘Thousand Ramas’ carved on the temple walls. but our guide told us it is derived from a Telugu word ‘Hazaramu’ which means audience hall or entrance hall of a palace.Hazara Rama temple

This temple had been functioned as a private temple for the king or the royal family. The most interesting aspect of this temple is, this is the only temple with the outer walls decorated with  richly carved  bas- reliefs which depicts the story of the Ramayana.The difference is, the stories are carved, in long arrays, onto the walls of this temple.
Hazara Rama temple outer wall..

It is a veritable picture gallery its walls and pillars capture the immortal legends of the Ramayana in stone. this temple has a variety of sculptures depicting Vishnu in some of his other avataras.

Sculptures depicting stories of Ramayana

Sculptures depicting stories of Ramayana

Hazara rama bazaar:

A small tale.. Domingo paes who visited vijayanagara during Krishnadevaraya reign writes “…in this street live many merchants and there you will find all sorts of rubies, diamonds, emeralds, pearls, seed pearls, clothes and every other sort of thing there is on earth that you may wish to buy…

Hazara Rama Bazar

This is infront of hazara rama temple ..

That is one of the reason why Krishnadevaraya Reign is called as golden reign. Hope someone invents a time machine through which we can go back in time, to his era and bring back something..:P


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