Think twice before you cast your vote..!

It’s not all about:

  1. Claiming ourselves as “Indians”.
  2.  Showing due respect during “independence and republic days”.
  3. Talking about “National Integrity”.
  4. Criticizing “Corruption”’
  5. Making comments like “India will never change”.
  6. Feeling bad that India is not in the “elite list of developed countries”.
  7. Crying about “Rupees downfall” and “economic disparities”.
  8. Worrying about the hatred speeches.
  9. Celebrating sporting achievements.

Mind it you have no ethical right to claim yourselves as a citizen unless you fulfill the basic fundamental right of Our nation… “VOTE”

Let us stop talking, it’s time to act.  Let’s vote for our better livelihood.

All the very best to all the fellow citizens for one of the most important day of our lives for atleast next coming few years..

Be and act responsible, Let’s not incline towards Money, Liquor, Regional, Religion, caste  feelings, Free schemes and unreasonable promises as these definitely take us to doldrums.

I promise that I definitely go with my senses and choose the  right person & party tomorrow, whom I would definitely believe that they embark our national interest.

You be the change first, before thinking of changing anything else . Our country’s future is in our fingertips.  Think twice before you cast your vote.

Column by Nitesh Reddy Pathuri



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