Chengdu People’s Park -Spreading Joy & Happiness everywhere..

Parks play an important role in China. People go to the parks to reduce the stress from their hustle bustle city life. Chengdu really takes hanging out in a park to a whole new level.People’s park(Renmin gongyuan) is the most popular park in Chengdu and is host to a colorful mix of chengdu residents who are always out enjoying themselves in the open air. The park is not only an enjoyable place to relax and mingle.

Historical Significance:

It also has great historical significance. It was the site of the 1911 protests against the Qing government’s policy of handling over railway construction to foreigners. These Chengdu protests and strikes set off a chain reaction that helped topple the Qing dynasty._MG_3056

Today, People’s park provides a great public outlet for grand parents with their grandchildren, joggers and tai qi enthusiasts, gamers and  musicians and even tea drinkers in need relaxation. The crowds tends to gather in a few parts of the park; the chess players are in the southeast corner,

The chess players are in the southeast corner

Chess players are in the southeast corner

The musicians hold court in the middle,the East side is the domain of Candy and Souvenir Hawkers,and the West end is where the Heming tea house sits peacefully in the middle of the Park lake.

This tea was a twist for my taste buds..Anyways I am gonna write a separate post on this. Stay tuned..

This tea was a twist for my taste buds..  I will be writing a separate post on the taste of the tea.. stay tuned guys!!

Smiling faces dance and sing. And when I say dance and sing, I don’t mean singing to themselves all alone in a quiet corner.

They have serenity in their face filled with pure happiness while dancing

They have serenity in their face filled with pure happiness while dancing

Calligraphy in People’s Park:
Elderly people practice calligraphy with wet brushes while they write ancient poems on the sidewalk only to have their works of art evaporate into thin air._MG_3065Children learn to draw as they sit quietly re-creating the parks monument and women even leave notes on trees with their stats and phone numbers in search of a husband.:P Every section of the park was alive with energy. Everyone was dancing to different music but with as much enthusiasm as the next. One place was filled with older people line dancing to traditional music.Loud house music played as people gyrated their hips and shook their booty’s to the music with no embarrassment or fear of being judged.

Busy all Week
This is where Chengdu residents come to let loose. With lot of curiosity I asked, if this only happens on a Saturday, but no was the answer.. It happens everyday itseems. The retired people spend all their time in the park and a dance can happen any day of the week._MG_3045

Chengdu is one of the happiest City I’ve seen. There were joy and happiness everywhere. Hope we take Chengdu as an inspiration and put efforts to make our parks like this…


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