Glimpses of 2013

2 0 1 3…. It is becoming difficult for me to remember when it has started and when it ended.. At the hour of closure when I sit back and re-collect the best moments of it, then I realized the reason why I was still not able to feel the end of 2013.. I have then decided to share few of the events and give a glimpse of the happiest things happened to me….

April- It’s the month in which my “Mission China” was accomplished… Rohith Reddy to Dr. Rohith Reddy…. Was both happy and bit emotional  in Changchun( emotional because of the fear of ever returning back )

Finally Graduated


As the moments passed, I’m missing all my best Chinese mates(Mike, Wangmei ling, Yingying,Liao dengping,yuan,EMily jiang,ann..etc) who made me feel the place like home for the entire 5 years. I still had a regret that i didnt met Mike and his girlfriend. Guys you played an important part in my life. & I will never forget you people.

Our last tour to Xi’an, chengdu, EMeishan, LEshan, and Chongqing started on 20th April with Swetha, Goutham, Piyush and Teena. I was afraid in the beginning because I was not that close to them. But once the trip started I was pretty comfortable with them.I don’t know how they felt 😛  Chongqing gave me a new different experience.A dangerous incident has happened to us i.e a huge broken glass has just fallen from a height just beside us. Thank god it didn’t hit us!! Because of our fate and luck we are alive now. Every day was beautiful in that tour..I bagged very good memories.. I can only say that memories I’ve made will never be erased, and the friends I’ve made will never be replaced.Thank you guys.


May-Came back home, there is no other place as good as home. celebrated  my birthday with my family and friends after 6 long years.For Pictures Checkout the slide show below. A 2day Bangalore trip on 16th may to collect my result card.Delhi trip on 21st may to apply for the PR. Had awesome moments over there. 26th may –Shashti poorthi of peddanana and peddamma at Golden orchid Farms. 29th may –Chikkakka gruha pravesham



June-17th I Started my senior residency in Gandhi Hospital. During the residency, the hours are long, the work is grueling, and ofcourse there was alot for me to learn.These 3months played a crucial role in my life. And undoubtedly it made me a confident Doctor. When the entire interns & Pgs in the state were in strike, I was busy working round the clock(without any breaks or shifts) handling many patients. Then i got to know that i am an workholic too.. 😛
August 11th Innova: I was so happy that everything which I have planned to do have turned out to be very fruit ful. The joy&happiness was too heavy for me to carry on 2 wheeler. All of a sudden one fineday on August 11 my dad realized and helped me by a pleasant surprise..A big car which can accommodate all these happiness with an extraspace to load rest of the years.

Thank you dad for this lovely present…..

Thank you dad for this lovely present…..

August 25- ROR BOYZ TRIP

At the age of 24 when u have  car keys in hand with tank full of diesel and a bunch of enthusiastic & adventurous friends”ROR boyZ” what else would it be..& Yes you are right!!! It was a trip. That too with a mixture of Archaelogical & Adventurous places. This trip has given me and my friends( ROR boyz) some unforgettable moments in our lives. Some memories are realities, and are better than anything that can ever happen to us again.Whereever I go it is my friends who make my world.31

December-A very important month. On 2nd –>Satyanarayana pooja at my home.(  which I missed ) on the same night sahaja’s birthday blast at novotel. Shravanti akka’s marriage(I named it as instant marriage :P) on December 12th

Nikhil bawa showing Arundhati Nakshatram

There it is… Arundhati Nakshatram

20th Mamatakka’s marriage-It was a Well planned and well organized Event.

Jeelakarra bellam pette kshanam...Most auspicious moment of a wedding

Jeelakarra bellam pette kshanam…Most auspicious moment of a wedding

Slide show of all the events and Gettogethers:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Though on paper the year 2013 ends, the moments I have cherished during the 365 days journey will definitely be in my heart forever…

Looking forward for a vibrant 2014…


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  1. You are blessed with great family and friends, and hope your life journey would filled with lots of sweet memories and good future a head…. 🙂

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