Tungabhadra dam


The Tungabhadra dam is constructed across the river Tungabhadra. Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are the two states that share the stored water among them.To reach the dam, we took a bus(Rs.20 /head) which was a 10mins ride from the entrance which passed through a narrow road and some surrounding hills, which are bound with coffee coloured soil and green plants._MG_1190There are some small and multicolored houses beside the road. If we discount the telephone and electric lines which moves in a zigzag way, the scenery of the road is beautiful. The dam has 33 spillway gates to release water._MG_1189A small house that serves as a lighthouse is located at the top of a mount, beside the Tungabhadra dam. This lighthouse is one of the best places to have an eye-catching view of the environment.

_MG_1186The government of Karnataka has designed a beautiful garden at the foot of the dam, which is one of the ideal places to spend some leisure moments. On the arrival of monsoon in the months of May and June, all the gates of the dam are closed to store water in it.

Slideshow of Beautiful surroundings:

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