Five Pagoda Temple(wuta si) Hohhot

Five-Pagoda Temple  (Wuta Si), which is also called Jingangzuo Sheli Baota, is located in Hohhot City. It is  quite unique monument with strong Indian influences. As there are five small dagobas on the pedestal of the pagoda, it is named Wuta Si. It was originally a building of the temple constructed during 1727-1732. Now the temple has disappeared, but the pagoda has remained.Wuta Pagoda

The pagoda is 16 meters high (about 51 feet) and it is composed of three parts: the base, the seat and the top (five dagobas). 3 Scripts: Sanskrit, Tibetan and Mongolian.Set in pleasant temple grounds, the Wuta Pagoda is definitely worth a visit.hh5

There is a great contrast between the Chinese style and the more Indian influenced architecture, and a good opportunity to climb up the steep, narrow stairway to the Five-Pagoda roof.SAMSUNG

On the northern wall of the pagoda, three sculptures are inlaid. The Mongolian Astronomical Map is the only one labeled in Mongolian so far in the world and it is of great importance to scientific research.hh8

Compared with other pagodas, Five-Pagoda Temple is unique in at least two aspects: its special structure, pagodas over pagoda, and the green and yellow colored glazes on the short roofs and tops of pagodas. Those make Five-Pagoda Temple quite special, a treasure of Hohhot City.


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