An Unforgettable Journey to the Mt.Emeishan

Mt.Emeishan is located in western Sichuan province 130kms away from Chengdu.Emeishan you will find lush mountain scenary,plantations of tea trees,temples and macaques( a type of monkey). On the rare afternoon there is also a phenomenon known as Buddha’s Aureole, where rainbow rings,produced by refraction of water particles,attach themselves to a person’s shadow in a cloud bank below the summit_MG_3648

Emeishan has little of its original temple work left(from 100 odd temples dating from the advent of Buddhism in china).Glittering Jinding temple(jinding si) with its brass tiling engraved with Tibetan script,was completly gutted by fire.Other temples suffered the same fate, and all were nicked to various degrees by war with the Japanese and Red Guard looting.

Due to huge difference in temperature from foot to top of the mountain people describe it with these words “you experience the 4 seasons with in the same day and see a different sky every five kilometers.”

It has been listed on UNESCO World heritage sites.

Baoguo si(Declare nation temple):

Constructed in the 16th century,Entry ticket=8yuans;features rare plants and a 3.5m-high porcelain Buddha that was made in 1415 which is housed near sutra libraryBaoguo temple

Fuhu si(Crouching tiger monastery):

The renovated crouching tiger monastery (Entry=10yuan) is hidden within the forest. Inside is a 7m high Copper Pagoda inscribed with Buddhist images and texts.Emeishan-Fuhu-Temple-mykaul

Qingyin ge(pure sound pavilion):

Named after the sound effects produced by rapid waters coursing around rock formations this temple is built on an out crop in the middle of a fast flowing stream. Small pavilions here are great for appreciating the natural music._MG_4146

Wannian si(longlife monastery):

Reconstructed in the 9th century,longlife monastery is the oldest surviving emei temple it’s dedicated to the man on the white elephant, the bodhisattva puxian,who is the protector of the mountain. this 8.5m-high statue is dated from AD980,cast in copper and bronze and weighs an estimated 62,000kg.If u can manage to rub the elephant’s hind leg goodluck will cast upon you. the statue is housed in brick hall,a domed building with small stupas on it and the only building left unharmed in a 1945 fire.



This magnificient but clearly recently renovated temple (jinding si) at golden summit'(3077m) is as far as most hikers make it. covered with glazed tiles and surrounded by white marble balustrades, the temple now occupies 1695 sp.mtrs. The original temple had a bronze coated roof.which is how it got the name Jin ding(which means gold top) It’s constantly overrun with tourists,pilgrims and monks and u’ll be continously bumperd and jostled. sadly, the sun rarely forces its way through mists up here. From golden summit was once common to hike to ten thousand buddha summit(wan fo ding)_MG_3780IMG_3784

Macaques( a type of monkey) :

The monkeys have got it all figured out.  The chinese find the monkeys an integral part of the Emei trip and many like to tease them.The monkey forms an important part of chinese mythology.There is a saying in chinese, ‘with one monkey in the way,not even 10,000 men can pass’. which may be deeper than you think! Some of these chimps are big,and staying cool when they look like they might make a leap at u easier said than done. There is much debate as to whether its better to give them something to eat or fight them off.


Baby Macaque..

My Experience:

Me and my friends Goutham,Swetha,Tina &Piyush are avid hikers and on our trip to Chengdu.  Emeishan &Leshan were on the top of our bucket list to visit in this trip. We had an super aggressive schedule._MG_3876

Mount Emei shan is both a mountain and a rain forest region that is very beautiful and picturesque.The pilgrimage to Emeishan was one of the best and most awesome visits I’ve made.IMG_3744

Whilst the shuttle bus drive from the foot of the mountain and entrance up the mountain took at least 60 minutes. We ascended the stairway that is almost always foggy, and you could not see more than about 20 meters away from you to the cable car.

The cable car is a box and here is stampede to get on to it to grab the few seats around the edge. Some 40-50 people seem to get on and hang onto the straps above. The car takes 2 minute to get to the top(thankfully). I got a few good shots up here and I did enjoy being up there. This track is really crowded. Then the cable car ascends and, if you have the luck I mentioned, you will go through this fog ascending with the cable and then you will see one of the most amazing landscapes on the world._MG_3661

Its worth it as the summit is awesome and a site to behold. Watching the cloud sea over the golden summit with the Samantabhadra statue on the top is breathtaking. It looks like you are in an ancient chinese painting. We are lucky on the day we visited it was with a clear blue sky . This added to the spectular view and awe of this magnificient site. Landscape seemed as taken from a Chinese painting.Be prepared to stay hours under mist without getting totally wet.

IMG_3750Different Dimensions of Samantabhadra through my lens–Slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




On the way back after the cable car we walked to Wannian temple. The hike down the mountain is definitely worth the labour – great scenery with many photo opportunities:P! The hike down is long but the trail is very well paved all the way down. Along the way you pass by some villages just above the trail that you can explore at your leisure. Also, there were a number of trail-side vendors selling food items that are grown on the mountain-side. _MG_3984
We found that this hike down Mt Emeishan is relaxing, beautiful, and interesting and would recommend this place for anyone who enjoys hiking especially with such natural beauty.Tasted Mengding Ganlu 
Green tea .Which was sweet in taste and now I cannot drink tea from a teabag anymore !lol_MG_4041

My Suggestion:

If you have a plan of hiking this mountain, please try to spend more time and don’t rush like we did. One must take this trek at least once in a lifetime. Though we missed the sunrise. My suggest you to go as early as possible – If you want to see the sunrise and the glorious views. 

Sunrise from clouded sea..Dont miss it.. Pic courtesy:Wikipedia

Sunrise from clouded sea..Dont miss it..
This Pic-courtesy:Wikipedia

Entry fee=150 RMB.

Bus fare from foot of the mountain to the top= 90 RMB

and for the cable car to the Golden summit 65 RMB and back is 55rmb  

Slide show of some goodflicks..:)

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