Missing you….Changchun

     Changchun..One and half month !!!

             China… One month!!

You don’t know how much I really miss this place until I go there again..Best days of my life and the main years of my life were spent in changchun. I went to changchun at tender 18’s as a confused boy  and returned as a confident man.! This place turned me into a better person and a better human being. I have learnt many things here…I am not getting perfect words to express my feelings. All I can say is that I love you changchun..What I’m now is because of you!!

There’s too much left undone. Too many dreams and ambitions in my heart for Changchun city and for the people.Its hard for me to make a list of what I miss…Because I miss everything…

  • I miss the language, i miss that feeling of doing something that not many people get to do..
  • I miss all my Chinese friends and their families…(for making me a Chinese boy by teaching me their culture & language)
  • I miss all those nightouts &all those lazy days..
  • Miss those gym friends and gym workouts..
  • Miss that -20 to -30 temp ..and miss wearing those heavy jackets
  • Miss those street foods on guilin lu
  • Miss those long walks,saunabaths,snookers,bowling,funny chats and Xbox gaming whole night
  • Miss those window shoppings&drinking parties
  • Miss all those streets near by teaching building, Jilin university Cafeteria.. 😉
  • I miss the opportunities, i miss the energy of the Changchun city, and so much more!
  • I think this post will eat lot of memories, if  I list everything here.. 😀
  • It’s an ongoing struggle to think i used to live in China. Still some where in my mind I feel like I’m not done with China and China’s not done with me.”

All the memories I have about changchun are unforgettable..This is the place where I learnt many things.These 5 years of my life were the most memorable. I know what I have learnt. I can sense the changes in me. I met some really great people  who contributed to my life in one or the other way  I was encouraged, appreciated, criticized and discouraged time to time. But it always added towards my learning and helped me to learn and become a better Doctor in every step

I thought that..I should go back home without any regrets..but now i have few regrets..that I didnt meet my close friends

Mike,Yingying,Dana,zhang,yuanfei,Liaodengping,wangmeiling,huiwei etc..sorry guys couldnt meet you..one more regret is about Laotou Baozi 😛

Few night pictures near our campus area….

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6 thoughts on “Missing you….Changchun

  1. Ha ha that missing the cold part had me laughing. People tend to hate it when in CC, and when leaving miss it.
    Guess one good thing with the winter in CC is the cozy feeling at home. The feeling of staying indoor in winter is what i would miss.

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