Last day of my Undergraduate life

Yayyy!! I will be a Graduate tomorrow by this time & the best part is tomorrow is Ugadi(Telugu Newyear).”Nuthanasamvatsaram naadu nenu pattadaarudu ni avtunnanu.”

Today is the last day of my Undergraduate life. Tomorrow my Ug life will be officially over and I will be a Doctor. I don’t know whether to smile or to feel sad. But I choose to be happy.It was a great experience for me to be in China for 5&1/2 years.Change is a part of Life. I learnt many things. Now when I look back I feel the changes how time changes and how life keeps on moving without a pause. People come& go,We laugh we cry,Some are really good moments and some are not really are but still life goes on & It is so beautiful in its own way.

Anyways I am holding all my words till tomorrow,It will be a big day.Waiting for tomorrow.Very much excited!!!


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