Jab hum chale Yanji

Introducing Yanji:

Yanji is situated in Eastern Jilin province. It became the capital of the Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture in 1952. Yanji is relatively young: the city grew up only in the nineteenth century and became the capital of its region just after the 2nd World war. Due to its large Korean population, the Hamgyong dialect of Korean is widely spoken in Yanji. However, most ethnic Koreans in Yanji are bilingual in Mandarin and Korean. All official signs are written in both Chinese characters and Korean hangul.IMG_5170After a series of famines struck in 1869, Koreans first migrated to the Yanji area. The area, called the Yanbian Chaoxianzu (Korean) Autonomous Prefecture, is the home of the largest group of ethnic Koreans living outside of Korea. Unlike other Chinese cities, this little city is relatively clean and peaceful. Yanji is often described as more of a Korean, rather than Chinese, community. Korean cuisine is highly popular and available everywhere.


Day-1 (23Oct2012): We arrived Yanji at 1:00 AM on 23rd Oct, 2012. It was quite beautiful night filled with colorful lights.After a long journey we were quite tired  We went to Wangmeiling’s home, to fill our empty tummy’s.We finalized for the next day’s plan, watched movie and crashed to bed.Yanji bridge at night

Day2-When we boarded the bus I was amazed by the people since I didn’t hear any chinese at all, everyone were talking in Korean and even the medium of instructions in the bus were in Korean. We got down at the travel agency to book a trip to changbaishan for the next day.Lunch at Korean restaurant was quite different. Tried local Korean dishes  like Cold noodle( the characteristic food of Korean-Chinese,authentic taste is nowhere else to be found. Sweet, cold & bit spicy at the same time. Korean BBQ’s very delicious)

Korean cuisines which I tried in yanji

Korean cuisines which I tried in yanji

Post lunch we went for Hiking at Maoer’shan. It took around 4-5hours for us to hikeup & down then Explored Yanji at night.

 Day3-Went to ChangbaishanàBack to yanji by 6pmàTried some typical Korean dishes.Then explored Yanji further, àthen went to the South Korean bathing (which is similar to Sauna bath) spend around 4hours.. Back home.very Tired End of the day.


Day4-Went to Hunchun fangchuanàWe were Back by eveningàFor dinner we tried Shenjitang(参鸡汤), herbs and ginseng chicken soup with boiled rice in it (Samgyetang in Korean).I strongly recommend  Shenjitang,Mijiu(rice wine),Cold noodles and Barbeque for the people who are planning to visit YanjiIMG_5156Day 5—As it was heavily raining we were at home till evening playing games and watching some tv shows then We went to watch Borne Legacy movie in theatres then dinner in a Japanese restaurant,(We hardly remembered the names of the cuisines)

Japanese foods tried in Yanji

collage of Japanese foods which I tried in Yanji

Day-6 Went for a Walk in the morning. Very pleasant weather it was, Big roads less number of vehicles. Then we made breakfast by ourselves, and went to explore Yanji further. I was surprised by knowing that Yanbian University, is the only university in China that employs Korean as an official medium of instruction in addition to Chinese. And Anesthesia department in medicine is best in china itseems.Dinner at Japanese student restaurant.

Yanji at night

Yanji at night


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