White pagoda(白塔) of Hohhot

White pagoda or 白塔 (Bai Ta) is located in Baita Village, Taiping Zhaung Town, 17 kilometers to Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia.

Introduction to White Pagoda of Hohhot:

The White Pagoda of Hohhot, which is also called as Avatamsaka Sutra Pagoda, is named because of its color. It was originally built to save ten thousands of Avatamsaka sutra in 1271 during Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) by Kublai Khan, the founding emperor of the dynasty. Several years later in 1279, a large scale Buddhist temple which covered 160 000 square meters was built around the pagoda, which was unfortunately burned during a thunder in 1368 with only the White Pagoda being survived.Captured Samsung jet

The architectural features and highlights of the Pagoda:

The White Pagoda is 55.6 meters high with eight angles and seven floors, looking grand and magnificent. It is Composed of Foundation,base,body and pagoda point. Its base is shaped like Lotus flower petals. There exists 6 monuments of the jin dynasty inlaid on the walls of the corridor. Inside the Pagoda there are inscriptions written in Old mongolian,Sanskrit,Tibetan,khitan,Turki,Nuchen and old Syriac.



Pictures taken in 2010 October;     Me with Goutham Amara&Dinesh parashar

On the first and second floor of the pagoda there are 36 statues of Buddhas sculpted with bricks.Owing to its Unique architecture techniques, it is of great scientific value.All this records makes White Pagoda as one of the most exquisite towers of the Liao Dynasty in China. .


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