Harbin Siberian Tiger park

About the Tiger Park:

Siberian Tiger park covers an area of more than 250 acres in an area just to the North of Sun Island park,Harbin.It is the 2nd largest natural park for wild Siberian Tigers in China. at present. The park enjoys a favorable foundation for Ecotourism and splendid scenery. There are over 500 purebred Siberian Tigers here, with 100 visible to visitors. In addition, visitors can also see White Tigers, Lions, Lynx, Leopards, and Black Pumas as well as Bengal Tigers.IMG_3989 It is a large park divided into ten areas, including the young Tiger area, the mature Tiger area, the King Tiger area, a walking area and a platform for viewing the Tigers. The mature Tiger area has an area of 89 acres with 30 Siberian Tigers wandering there.
The Tigers in this area are all about 7 or 8 years old. And in the young Tiger area, there are over 40 young lovely, active Tigers about 2 years old. The park also houses some Lions which coexist peacefully with the Tigers.IMG_4012
In addition to viewing the Tigers walking leisurely in the open-air, visitors can buy poultry or animals to feed them, including Ducks, Chickens, and even Cows. Park employees will set the living animal free among the Tigers, and Visitors can see the unique live action of Tigers preying upon it.IMG_3973
Some distinct features of Siberian Tiger are:
Siberian Tigers are the largest surviving breed of Tigers, and are the biggest of the big cats.Males are commonly about 22.5kgs. They used to range in the Northeastern part of Asia,Russia and Central Asia.IMG_3941

A very unique experience.
Went in a bus with a load of tourists.We traveled around the Tiger pens in a caged bus.It was kind of boring bus ride at the beginning, but then Tigers appeared everywhere ! it was very interesting to see these beasts roaming freely in their natural habitat! I’ve seen many places in china but this is definitely a Unique experience.IMG_3948
The Best Part :
The highlight for me was tossing a live Chicken to the Tigers. It was 50 yuans Where else can you engage in that type of primeval activity?? More interesting than any other typical zoo enclosures.Tigers hunting live chickens


4 thoughts on “Harbin Siberian Tiger park

    • Thank you Trisny. There are not only Siberian Tigers but also White Tigers, Lions, and Black Pumas as well as Bengal Tigers. Keep following you gonna find some more interesting posts with cool pics :p

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