Health benefits of Mangoes

1.Cancer protection: polyphenolic antioxidants in Mango will provide protection against breast,colon &prostate cancer &Leukemia.

2.Improves vision: Mangoes are rich in Vitamin-A.

3.Improves sex-drive: Abundant Vitamin E in Mangoes boosts sex drive and regulates sex hormones.

4.Improves memory and concentration: Rich in Glutamic acid,which helps in boosting the concentration in children who cannot concentrate.

5.Lowers Cholesterol: Vitamin-C,Pectin and soluble dietary fibres are abundant in mangoes.These compounds lower serum cholesterol levels especially LDL cholesterol(which is the bad cholesterol)

6.Improves Digestion: Mangoes are good for the people with indigestion and individuals who are suffering with acidity.

7.High in Copper:Red blood cells depend on Copper for their production.

8.Alkalizes the whole body

Pictorial representation

Pictorial representation


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