Northeastern Teppanyaki Restaurant

Teena’s birthday party at jixin green Teppayanki (Teppan=iron plate,yanki=fried pan) Restaurant(吉鑫绿色铁板烧) a typical Northeastern restaurant specialised in Japanese,Western,Taiwan cuisines. .
Changchun’s one of the rarest Teppayanki Restaurant and one of the modern Teppanyaki grills I have seen.
Among the dishes We’ve ordered, the best were Black Pepper Sirloin steak,Mexican Chicken wings,Bacon grills,garlic steamed Scallops. Ostrich meat was quite different, seems like no one enjoyed Ostrich meat except for me.
We enjoyed watching the skilled maneuvers of the chef’s while cooking the cuisine

dazzling show by the chef

Dazzling show by the Chef

Stuffed Mexican Chicken wings

stuffed Mexican chicken wings

 good friends


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