Changbaishan 长白山

I am planning to go to Changbaishan from past 3yrs but never succeeded. Generally in Winters(Nov-April) heavy Snows makes the reserve  virtually inaccessible.It was like now or never situation for me because this is my last year in China. After the day after my FMGE results(oct 23) we packed our bags with excitement and went to Yanji.(it is a travelling hub for Changbaishan)

About Changbaishan

China’s largest Nature Reserve which literally mean Ever-White Mountains.210,000 hectares  of dense forest on the Eastern edge of Jilin Province straddling between China and North Korea is also a popular destination for the South Koreans the area is known as Mt.Paekdu.North koreans claim that Late President Kim jong il was born here.

 Heavenly Lake 天池

A deep blue Volcanic crater lake at an elevation of 2104m is the highlight of Changbaishan. The lake,12kms in circumference is surrounded by jagged rick out crops and 15mountainous peaks the highest is White Rock Peak(baiyan feng) 2794m. tour guides and the locals told us that there is a Loch-Ness-style monster in the lake they told us to focus your cameras on the lake if you are lucky enough u might catch the monster in your camera

From Daozhankou,4wd(80yuan) takes 5passengers upto heaven lake.To hike to heaven lake about onehour each way. The path starts at the waterfall its not a difficult walk


Erdao bai he(erdao bai river) runs off Heaven lake creating this continous 68m Waterfall,that is the source of the Yalu, Songhua and Tumen Rivers.


On the path to the Waterfall Vendors boiled Eggs in the Hotsprings(3eggs/10yuan). The yolk was fully boiled and the white was half boiled it was yummy though..& there’s a bath house, where you can soak in odoriferous waters.

China and North Korea Border :

The China and North Korea border cuts across heaven lake unfortunatley the border is not clearly marked. Approx 1/3rd of the lake the Southeastern corner is on the NorthKorean side and off limits.



6 thoughts on “Changbaishan 长白山

  1. weowwwwwwwwwww, I rem these hotsprings are also called as gysers… this is a natural one right???

    OMG !!! Such a beautiful lakeee… Heavenly it is… No wonder, why it is called as “Heavenly Lake”.

  2. The last pic in the current post is awsome !!! Border is visible too

    Sun rays… the white snow… waters from the lake… too good of a pic.

    Are you one among those guys who are standing???

    • Adhi border kaadhu..maaku unna viewpoint lo adhi last pt.
      Aaa pic lo naa toh jeep lo paiki hike chesina vallu unnaru kaani nenu lenu..enduku ante pic teesindi nene kabatti 😛

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