Last days of my college life

Since all the social networking websites & blogs are blocked in this country.It has become hard for me to access My blog by using old vpn. I just got  ‘FreeU123 VPN’  from a friend which helped me to cross the great firewall of china.

Its been a long time for me to get in touch with my dear Friends.I hope all are doing well.Hope to see them soon.Nowadays My life has become hectic because of the final exams.These are the last days of my college life. So i am  trying to attend some classes.

And i Have to spend this november by checking the weather forecast every day. since changchun’s weather is like a chameleon.we dont know when and how it changes..

Planning to go to beijing on some work in Indian Embassy in early december.And i am very much excited to see my buddies in beijing.Every time i go there i spend some weeks with my friends in that beautiful city. And this time too,not less i will be there for 8days. Already Luo &co. invited me for a dinner @the famous Quanjude restaurant.its been an year for me to eat Beijing Roasted duck, So Now I am counting my days to taste the delicacy.


21 thoughts on “Last days of my college life

  1. hammaya……. ippatiki aina nee jaada telsi nanduku mem danyulam ainam ra……… all the best fOr yOur final dayzz dArLinG…… cOme hOme sOOn ……..” raCCha lepUde “…….. TaKe CaRe…… ……… 🙂 ………

  2. chepte shOck avtav …….. mana maLLesh gadi inti deGGara Open chesadu….. edO ilagaina darilO padatadu ani vadi aNNa Open chePinchadu anta maRi……

    • lol..!! nayam stationery kaabatti pedda loss raadhu…:p
      okavela edaina bar oh lekapotey wineshop o open chesi unte naa ….sanka naakipotunde…!!!
      anyways gud for him….cherry gaadini participate cheyamanu comments lo ikkada..

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