Beijing Opera

Introduction to Beijing opera:

Beijing Opera represents the finest combination of literature, music, dance, martial arts, fine arts, acrobatics and many other arts available. Its way of performing is of as much a feature, differing from opera, pantomime and drama.

The Peking Opera is a kind of art that pays equal attention to ‘Chang (Singing)’,’Nian (Speaking)’,’Zuo (Acting)’ and’Da (Fighting)’.Singing in Beijing Opera has the certain tune that expresses the sentiment of thedramatic personal.Speaking in the play is the speech except singing; (plz don’t think that they speak by singing).Acting is the performance of movement and expression.Fighting is the martial arts performed by dancing.

It enables the audience to be inspired by the affection, not only from the language but also from the music, the physique and the fine arts. Simultaneously, Beijing Opera provides the opportunity to appreciate the pleasing stylistic and artistic harmony of the dance and music, the strength of the rhythm and designs even from only experiencing one act.

Origin: Beijing Opera originated from the middle period of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).it is melted down from guanxi and Jiangsu provinces. And most of the plays are based on four books

About the facial make up: According to my knowledge, Facial make up is of great importance in Beijing opera.It is the main and secret ingredient of the success of opera.

redface means loyal and brave,white face means duplicity,black face means justness and untouchables.golden and silver faces means mystery..(correct me if I am wrong)

                    “the marriage of the dragon and the phoenix “


On august 11 2010 In The famous Changan Grand Theatre (Chinese: 长安大戏院), jianguomen nei dajie chang’an bridge, Dongcheng District, Beijing

My experience was quite different.because I hardly understood anything. Actors were using Traditional Chinese which was quite difficult for me to understand

“The beauty of the language will be reduced when it is translated”. But I was left with no other options, so I have to read the English subtitles to understand

Subtitles helped me to understand the play to some extent. I couldn’t  stop myself to enjoy the play.And I regret that I totally forgot the story..


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