struggling between inflation and recession

In 2007, exchange rate for 10000rs was 1900rmb aprox
Following a gradual decrease every year. now it is 1300rmb
WTF is wrong with our economy?
recession recession recession…
yeah we were right before 2009 elections
we thought that our former economist Dr.manmohan singh will bring a change in our economy with his
good and well renowned reforms and thats true he made us unsustainable amd unbearable..i know people
may think that one person cannot change anything…but it is not man who is responsible for country’s
well being should bring a change…he is the system so he should bringa change he is the system so he has to make our
economy better

according to me there is no diffeernce between manmohan singh and macdonalds..both sits and watches the things going
and he is just the puppet in the hands of videshi sonia
see how terrible we are we just put the fate of our country in the hands of a foreigner..
even a drug addict is better than manmohan ji..atleast this drug addict can put an end to his addiction by joining rehabilition classes
but there is no cure for our pm ji’s addiction…
we are just watching our country looted by some politicians we did this so we have to face it…picture o mein dekh dekh ke takkgaya
change the system change the system bolke…pehle apan change hona uske baadh…
woh system jo bhi hai wo automatic badal jaayega
hope everything goes well in the next elections…hope we selct the right person…

ab china ke baare mein bolna bole toh…now the inflation rate is around 6.7 and is increasing day by day
and yuan value is increasing which is problematic for exchange students like us here…
woh bhi fees barne ke time mein yuan ka value ekdum badjaatha hai..baaki ke time theek rehta hai..see how funny it is..
ye saal mein august 1st week mein 1rmb=6.9rs taah..fee barne ke time mein i mean august 2nd week mein 7.103 hogaya..
its all our badluck
students in china are just struggling between inflation in china and recession in india…god dammit….!

I dont know what else we have see in our remaining time of our course…


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