Harbin’s world ice festival

Harbin’s world Ice and snow festival—This is the 4th largest Ice and Snow festivals, after  Japan’s Sapporo Ice festival, Canada’s Quebec city winter carnival and Norway ski festival.Harbin Icefestival (5)

Harbin is located in the northeast frontier of china and is the capital of Heilongjiang province.it is one of the coldest cities in china. winter here is long & the mercury in the winter(dec to mid of february) gradually drops to -25 to -35 degree centigrade..Harbin Icefestival (9)

For the 1st time in my life I have been to such a place,where everything is ice and everything is in ice.the festival featured giant pagodas, skyscrapers, an Egyptian Sphinx and even a full-scale Disney castle ,birds nest,colosseums and a lot more rendered entirely in ice.the event also offers a wide range of wintry activities, including ice swimming(in songjiang river), hot air ballooning and other sports, as well as a fireworks display.Harbin Icefestival (15)Despite those bone-chilling conditions, the festival — which is even more spectacular at night, when its sculptures are lit with twinkling multicolored lights — have been known to inspire romance, and 2009 &2010’s display is certainly no exception…..

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