My first dinner with a chinese family

If  I am not wrong my 3rd sem exams ended on jan 15th 2009. As you know, I don’t like to spend much time in a single place,so I thought of going some where out of Changchun..

When I was in +2,i saw about the ice festival host it..So I did a small research and got to know about few places in Northeast China where they host  Ice Festival.

My research resulted in  4 places, out of those four cities I picked Harbin because it was  near and I have a local friend by name 管理(Guanli) who lives there.

I arrived Harbin, My friend and her Mom came to the Railway station to pick me up. From there  we went to her house and had lunch..but her family members insisted me to live with them in their house but I made my mind to take a hotel.

So I took a hotel near their house which I used only for sleeping. I had every meal with them Except on 29th (I will follow up about this day on the other post),

Time I spent with them was very  special for me. Since it was my first time to be with a Chinese family.

I was trying to know their culture and traditions & and trying to distinguish their culture from our culture. They treated me as their special guest.

Their family was a joint family &  there were 7 people in their house. It was also my 1st time to see such a big joint family.

Guan li’s Dad,Mom, Aunt and Uncle, her Granny and Grandma. I liked each and every person in their family because of their kindness,affection and generosity. Her nainai(granny on dads side) and waipo(granny on moms side ) were so lovable they were telling us abt their childhood..though I understood a little I still remembered it. It was just awesome I have no other words to express my feelings. Gaash!! I wish I was there now..I miss them. They throwed a big dinner party on 30th  & invited some of their relatives and friends Their house was filled with many people it was very crowdy .

I stood up as a center of attraction in their party and I enjoyed being that.:-)

Every one toasts me and starts drinking(baijiu), Baijiu was so hard that I could not stand up  So I only had a glass of cool drink. They cooked a wide variety of dishes, generally they make pork dumplings and beef dishes. But because of me they made Chicken dumplings and Mutton cuisines (since I dont eat Beef and Pork). I was really very happy for making those dishes only for me. everything i ate was delicious Morethan the food their love and affection towards me was unforgettable.

I mingled with them as if I was their family member and enjoyed the dinner with them.unfortunately I didnt took any pictures on that day. 😦  The conversations which we had were really very helpful  & played a big role in improving my Chinese skills. Its been 2year and 6 months but I still feel like it happened yesterday.

It was one of the best evening in My life. This dinner played an important role in my life it gave me an inspiration and purpose for learning Chinese language and their culture. My life in China has become more meaningful only after this dinner and trip. I can never forget them, they are also like my family members.

To show my love, respect and gratitude, Every year I used to send them some souvenirs from India like Tajmahal Charminar replicas, Foods etc ., I miss them forever!! And thanks for giving me some unforgettable moments in my life.  After the dinner i took a train back to changchun at 11.30.


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