Kualalumpur bird park – A walk amongst the beautiful birds

In the heart of the concrete metropolis of Kuala Lumpur is the oasis of the KL Bird Park, the worlds largest walk-through aviary. This is a  perfect place in Kuala Lumpur, just walking in a lovely place among beautiful birds flying around us! 

This park is located in the serene and scenic lake gardens which form the greenbelt zone of Kualalumpur.This Bird Park houses more than 3,000 birds and 200 species from all over the world. This is the worlds largest-walkway aviary comprises of 20.9 acres.

I loved this shot of a Pelican

I loved this shot of a Pelican

The entrance price is 48Rm. We got that price down to 24RM with the use of our Student card.  After buying the tickets we got wristlets on our wrists. We stepped inside and was confronted by free roaming birds.

Pelicans are large water birds

Pelicans are large water birds it was twisting its head like anything..

The park is covered by net at the top so that the birds dont fly away. This place is very clean and they brought a natural atmosphere inside the park. Absolutely great environment I say. Lush vegetation provided adequate shade for birds and patrons.



We missed the bird show which was disappointing. 😦 The birds seemed happy and the ones in cages were kept in large cages. There is plenty of shade to protect you from the sun but carry water bottles,sunscreen and an umbrella with you.

 Lesser Flamingo (Phoenicopterus minor)

Lesser Flamingo mostly found in India and sub Saharan region

For every 100-150mts,there were Pools Bridges and miniature gardens which surprised us on the walkway, and the bird feeding stations, actually turned into a show. Those stations really helps  the people who are anxious to know about how birds will eat? and what they eat?


Artificial Water falls,Kl bird park

Children will love this park and itseems that school children from allover the world come there for  educational tours. It was lovely to see hornbill flying from one tree to another.

Sun was burning on the top it was scorching day. I was kind of irritated with the heat but the beauty of Flamingos, Pelicans, Hornbills, Parrots, Pigeons made me to forget the pain.

I relaxed myself by spending some time in air conditioned rooms. I spent more than 30mins in amphitheatres and birds egg research centers which has no interesting things in it. but the AC itself turned as something .:))

Planning of the park was quite good there were several lock gates in order to prevent birds getting together and I was wondered with concept, all birds are free in the aviary with this type of free flight concept they breed naturally itseems.

With the opened  Peacock

The Peacocks opened up fully which offered us tremendous photographs..

The extinction of birds will be put to be an end, if the bird parks like this are encouraged well enough.When you go there, you will get to admire the beautiful nature in Malaysia. This was a brilliant three hours of enjoyment. Don’t miss this opportunity if you are in KL or planning to visit Kualalumpur…


2 thoughts on “Kualalumpur bird park – A walk amongst the beautiful birds

  1. So I stumbled across this post again and I have to say I love it. Again!!! Every place I visit I visit the zoo, lol I must have spent hours admiring these creatures but could never capture their beauty on the picture the right way! 👌zabardast it is!!

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