Melaka~The venice of the East~

Melaka is located  148kms south east of Kualalumpur, a 2hr drive from KL

we hired a car to reach there..Suresh(taxi driver) who introduced us the history,culture and lifestyle of melaka on the way ..History of malaysia is nothing but the history of melaka.

Melaka’s long procession of traders, visitors, conquerors and colonisers have all left their unique and fascinating marks on the city, and many remain to this day to terms of cuisine, architecture, religions and people.

we spent some valuable time there ..we bagged lifetime memories in this beautiful place.

weather was good lot of humidity we were perspiring alot..boating on malacca river made us to utilise our time perfectly

Melaka is a multiracial city.we can find somany ethnic groups like pure Malays, Java, Chitty, Baba Nyonya, Portuguese, Indian, Chinese, Banjar and some indigenous people.

They live together over centuries with harmony and respect..infact they lead a pleasant life

we had a funny interaction with an icecream vendor who belongs to chitty ethnicity..we can find these  people in all over the city

we were there for only some hours ..i cant imagine malacca without boating. we just utilised our limited time


 decorated trishaws_the local transport 

st.xaviers church

cannon on the portuguese wall

An Antique Warplane

hope to see you again Malacca ..!


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